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Since setting up Cocobel in 2008, the brand has gone from strength to strength under the direction of it's owner, Isabel Brash. Isabel is an Architect by professional training and a self taught chocolatier.  No detail has been forgotten in the delivery of chocolates by Cocobel, from design of packaging to the design of the chocolates to the taste, the total effect is perfection.

In terms of the chocolate, great taste comes from wonderful raw materials. Cocobel is made from Single Estate Trinitario Cocoa (said to be the finest in the world) grown on the Rancho Quemado Estate in the south of Trinidad.  The beans are taken and refined in small batches. The chocolate is used in a delectible  range of products including:

  • Single Estate Bar, a taste of 72% dark Rancho Quemado Estate chocolate
  • Bark – shards of 65% dark Cocobel chocolates sprinked with a variety of toppings including ginger, Fruit, Nuts, Toasted Coconut and Pineapple
  • Artisan Chocolates including a variety of fruits, nuts and cream
  • Bonbons with soft centres infused with local fruits and spices

The artisan chocolates from Cocobel are best enjoyed within 2 weeks of production so only the Single Estate Bars and Drinking Cocao are available for international delivery on this site.  Artisan chocolates can be ordered and delivered within Trinidad and Tobago.